Drive revenue growth with the first context-aware optimization tool

ContextSDK offers optimized app monetization by using users’ real-world activity to determine the best moment for in-app conversions.

Context Events processed
"ContextSDK is the compass guiding your app through the ever-changing landscape of user preferences and needs. It's not just about knowing what your users want; it's about delivering it at the perfect moment, preserving their privacy, and optimizing every interaction. With ContextSDK, we're paving the way for a future where apps seamlessly blend into their users' lives, making every moment a personalized experience."

Felix Krause

Founder of ContextSDK

Hyper-personalized experience

Boost revenue with better user experiences

In today's competitive landscape, applications need to find innovative solutions to thrive, as traditional methods often fall short.

Ensure apps adapt intelligently, be it during a commute or winding down for the night. Determine the perfect time to convert your users.

ContextSDK offers real-world user context, revolutionizing app experiences to adapt intelligently to users' surroundings—a true paradigm shift.

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Access to valuable new data

Competitive advantage

New advantage

The first context-aware revenue tool

Move the needle post-installation by adapting in-app action to your user’s individual real-world activity.

Real results, real impact

Discover the power of hyper-personalization. ContextSDK has already processed over 500 million events, resulting in a remarkable 51% lift in conversion rates. It's not just a tool; it's a game-changer for your app's monetization strategy. With ContextSDK, you can finally unlock the full potential of your user base.

Data-driven decisions

ContextSDK leverages machine learning to provide valuable insights into how user context impacts in-app conversion. Say goodbye to guesswork; data powers your decisions.

Concerned about privacy?

So are we. ContextSDK leverages on-device machine learning, respecting user privacy while delivering customized experiences. No more sacrificing performance for personalization. We've got the perfect balance.

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Let your iOS developers know how ContextSDK will make their lives easier and increase user satisfaction while keeping the integrity of the app intact.

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Show your Head of Product why ContextSDK is a valuable addition to your existing toolkit, boosting apps’ engagement and revenue.

Privacy First

No PII, ever

We leverage a unique new approach, through on-device processing, no additional network requests, and never identifying a person, or device, ContextSDK is the best solution to significantly improve your app, while fully preserving the user's privacy, and complying with all privacy laws.

ContextSDK never generates, stores, or uses any Personal Identifiable Information (PII), therefore being fully exempt from most new privacy laws.

Enhanced security with on-premise data control

For large enterprises with highly sensitive data, we provide an on-premise solution. Your data remains securely within your existing infrastructure, giving you full control and peace of mind.

The founding team

Meet the Masters of Innovation

Felix Krause, the visionary founder of, and Dieter Rappold, a seasoned serial entrepreneur, are driving forces in the tech world. Felix's pioneering work, including the game-changing fastlane, has revolutionized iOS development, while Dieter's extensive experience in digital marketing and tech startups showcases his strategic prowess.

Their combined expertise is a testament to their competence and authority in the field, making them invaluable assets in the realm of technology and innovation.

Start accessing unique data to move ahead

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to gain a competitive advantage by using an optimization tool that determines the best time to act and improve conversion.