Know how and when to monetize your users the most intelligent way

ContextSDK transforms your app using real-world user context to improve conversions. Enhance user satisfaction and raise app revenue by knowing your users' unique needs, no matter where they are.

Context Events processed
“This idea feels like a win for everyone involved. Users get fewer calls to action at inconvenient times, and developers get happier users who are more likely to respond to a CTA. That sounds good to me!”

Dave Verwer

The first context-aware revenue tool

Move the needle post-installation by adapting in-app action to your user’s individual real-world activity.

Hyper-personalized experience

The power of context

No more swamping users with pop-ups and banners. ContextSDK ensures apps adapt conversion prompts intelligently, depending on whether the user is commuting, in a bar, or winding down for the night.

Perfect the timing for crucial app actions like upselling and App Store Review Prompts by leveraging machine learning.

Context Events processed
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Minimal overhead, maximum performance

At ContextSDK, we've obsessed over efficiency, ensuring that our solution demands as little as necessary from your iOS app's resources. We've fine-tuned our technology, so it uses a minimal load on both battery and CPU on your user’s devices.

This means that you can deliver a top-notch experience without compromising performance.

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Getting started in minutes

Integrating ContextSDK into your app is a breeze, taking just a few minutes and lines of code. Here's how to get started:

Step #1

Calibration mode

Initially, you set up ContextSDK in calibration mode. During this phase, we will fine-tune your custom model, optimized for your app and user-base.

Step #2

First custom-model

After approximately 1,000 positive events, you can remotely deploy your first custom model with a single click, and we will automatically optimize your conversion rates. No code-changes needed.

Step #3

Continuous improvement

Your model will continue to improve over time, ensuring ongoing performance enhancements.

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Spread the word

Are you enthusiastic about integrating ContextSDK into your workflow? Don't forget to spread the word! Let others in your company know how ContextSDK can change your app’s conversion game and drive revenue growth.

For Heads of Product

Show your Head of Product why ContextSDK is a valuable addition to your existing toolkit, boosting engagement and revenue.

For Executives

Share with your executive how the first context-aware revenue tool can give your company a unique competitive advantage.

Privacy First

No PII, Ever

We leverage a unique new approach, through on-device processing, no additional network requests, and never identifying a person, or device, ContextSDK is the best solution to significantly improve your app, while fully preserving the user's privacy, and complying with all privacy laws.

ContextSDK never generates, stores, or uses any Personal Identifiable Information (PII), therefore being fully exempt from most new privacy laws.

Enhanced security with on-premise data control

For large enterprises with highly sensitive data, we provide an on-premise solution. Your data remains securely within your existing infrastructure, giving you full control and peace of mind.

The Mastermind

Created by Felix Krause, a leading voice in iOS development

Felix is the founder of and, which have shaped the iOS development landscape into what it is today. fastlane got acquired by Twitter, then Google and is used by hundreds of thousands of companies around the world.

Felix has worked at Google, Twitter, Root Insurances, Product Hunt and Wunderlist. He spoke at various conferences around the world, with his recent work featured in The New York Times, CNN, The Washington Post, and TechCrunch.

Start accessing unique data to move ahead

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to gain a competitive advantage by using an optimization tool that determines the best time to act and improve conversion.

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