Dynamic personas leverage real-time context for better mobile app UX

Leverage Real-World Context to know intent

January 9, 2024

🚀 Unlocking App Success: The Power of Context in Notifications & Messages! 📱💡

App developers, listen up! 🎯 Mastering customer experiences, optimizing monetization, and boosting Customer Lifetime Value all hinge on a very critical element: Push Notifications and in-App prompts.

However, the traditional approach to notifications often falls short, zeroing in on immediate user responses. 🤔 Our recent deep dive into this topic, courtesy of Eugene Yan, sheds light on a game-changing insight – we lack insight into the user's intent when firing off a push notification or prompt.

Enter real-world context signals! 🌐✨ These signals prove invaluable in deciphering user intent, enabling smarter decisions on when to present prompts. Why does this matter? Well, irrelevant or untimely prompts can lead to users disabling notifications, uninstalling apps, or simply ignoring them due to perceived low value.

It's the classic battle between short-term myopic focus and long-term user value. ⚔️⏳ With real-world context signals, timing becomes your secret weapon. ⏰

Curious to dive deeper into the art of perfect timing? Check out this insightful article by Ziyou Yan (Dec 2023): "Push Notifications - What to Push, What Not to Push, and How Often" on Eugene Yang's blog: https://eugeneyan.com/writing/push/ 📚✨

Ready to revolutionize your app strategy? Let's leverage the power of context together! 💪🌐

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Dieter Rappold